The Importance of Social Media Customer Service

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 24 Nov 2016 by Shima Khanea
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With the rapid growth and development of today’s digital world, every brand’s customer service team needs to evolve to match it. Many customers turn to social media for help with their queries or complaints as it’s simpler and more convenient than picking up the phone and calling.

The Growing Opportunity

If you and your team can deliver responsive, high-quality customer support on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook you have a great opportunity to blow past your competitors and gain an advantage. It takes a lot to deliver a great customer experience on social and if you’re able to do that over your competitors, your customers will be more loyal towards your brand. The easiest way to do this is by treating your customers like real people and care about the issues they’re having and how you’re able to help them.

What Customers Want

1. A fast response is something majority of customers want and expect from brands when reaching out to them regarding their queries and issues. Ideally, you should respond to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, because they expect a fast response doesn’t mean your answer should be sloppy and ineffective. Try and have the same sense of urgency your customers have when they get in touch with you because no one wants to wait an unreasonable amount of time before receiving help with a query or a problem.

2. The shopping journey is influenced by how a person thinks they are being treated, if you provide good enough customer service for your consumers they are more likely to buy more items from you, despite having had an issue in the past, they’ll know you care and are helpful. Caring about your customers and being honest aren’t things that can be measured but they are equally important to how quickly you respond to them. Show them their issue is just as important to you as it is to them. If you don’t know the answer to their query straight away, let them know that you will be looking into this and provide them with a reasonable timeframe so they know when they’ll hear back from you instead of waiting around. By finishing your tweet/post off with a signature, you add a more human touch to it as well, Sainsbury’s does this well.


3. There are now several ways a customer can get in touch with your brand, telephoning, emailing, calling, LiveChat as well as through social media. It’s vital all these channels are monitored because your customers might not necessarily get in touch on the channel you chose. Ideally, your customers want to receive help on the channel they contacted you through, so if they tweet you, they don’t want to have to call a telephone number or email someone in order to resolve their query. Invest time into finding out where your consumers are most active and ensure your team prioritise it accordingly, e.g. if more queries come through Facebook than Twitter.

4. Monitor your brand, listen to what’s being said about you and where so issues can be identified and sorted efficiently and quickly. Sometimes a customer might not tag you into their complaint on social media, by monitoring what’s being said, you’re able to find these conversations as well and help turn around a negative experience into a positive one.

5. Is it always right to step into any conversation about your brand, though? No. Looking at the customers’ post/tweet from their point of view can help you determine whether you should respond or not.

  • Make sure you understand – What’s the meaning behind what was said?
  • What’s the context, are they venting or talking with their friends about it?
  • Engage when you’re able to deliver something useful to the conversation and some value.
  • You can listen without intruding, sometimes consumers just want to talk about brands without them getting involved.

Social media is viewed as a marketing tool by most companies, but customers expect more and can reward brands that go the extra mile for them. Don’t ignore customers who interact with you, someone took time out of their day to get in touch with you regarding an issue, a query or even to rave about your brand. It’s a great opportunity to have conversations and learn new things about your consumers which can help improve the services you offer. So why not use it in a way to wow your customers?


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