The Lead Generation Card – A New Form Of Twitter Advertising

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Twitter’s New Form Of Advertising

Twitter has announced the Lead Generation Card, a special type of advertising tweet that makes it easy for users to register their interest with your brand. Twitter advertising can be a very valuable tool for businesses, and the addition of this new feature will surely provide brands with a heightened opportunity to reach audiences.

This card is being added to the already very useful suite of Twitter cards. These cards can include images, videos, product details and now this handy pre-filled sign-up form. As a form of Twitter advertising, these all make reaching your audience much easier.

When someone expands your tweet they’ll see a bit more information as well as a call to action. The fields are already pre-filled with their Twitter user name and email address. This makes it very easy for the user to join mailing lists, enter competitions or sign up to receive further information.

All the user has to do is to click the button to send the information securely to you, the advertiser.

If you’re taking advantage of Twitter advertising then this is the perfect way to get a measured response from the effort and money you’re putting in. The brands testing this card have already given good feedback to Twitter and it looks to be a very low-cost-per-lead Twitter advertising solution.

At the moment this card is only available to Twitter’s managed clients but they’ll soon be releasing it to small and medium-sized businesses too. They haven’t announced when this might be yet but keep an eye on the Twitter advertising page for all details as they’re announced.

Being able to control how people see your information via Twitter advertising can help you to stay on brand, drive traffic to your site, collect important information and get valuable leads.

When setting up one of these cards you need to be able to offer something in exchange for the details of the user. This could be a well-written newsletter, offer, competition or more information about an interesting product or service. It can also be a good way to build lasting relationships with people as you can gain their trust with well-placed sponsored content.

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