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Facebook is one of the most well-known social media platforms and part of many businesses social media strategies.

It is known by its many changes and constant updates, and everyone using Facebook for marketing reasons knows about the need to always be kept up-to-date with what’s happening there since new changes can affect and entire strategy.

Its most recent change rolled out this week – Facebook Business Manager – could prove to be a real asset in order for marketers and agencies to have more control over how employees access Pages and ads.

Many businesses using Facebook have multiple managers dealing with different pages and ads and in order for them to do so, you would need to give them access to the accounts to be shared amongst multiple users.

This can be a real hassle because it limits your ability to keep accounts organised and limit employees access to specific information, as well as having everyone sharing the same login.

How Facebook Business Manager can help you

This a great tool that allows them to control what kind of information their employees can access with no need to share login details since each user will have its own, login in with their own personal Facebook accounts – or by creating new Facebook profiles for their employees so they don’t have to use their personal ones.

So, basically businesses will be able to manage multiple account via one interface.

How to set up

In order to setup Facebook Business Manager, you just need to decide you will be admin that will be in charge of all accounts and employees.

This person then just needs to go to and Facebook will tell them what they need to do next in several easy steps.

They can then add managers and delegate tasks to them.

Click here to go to Facebook’s Business Manager Help page to know more.

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