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LinkedIn is a great social network for professionals looking to showcase their services and connect with other people. Last week they announced the new LinkedIn personal profile that make networking online much easier.

The whole look of the new LinkedIn personal profile is well thought out and very visual. It gives users who visit you on LinkedIn the chance to see exactly what you’re about without having to do too much work.

Promote yourself

The new layout and large, visual sections means you can give a good first impression to those visiting your new LinkedIn personal profile. You’ll need to keep your background summary short and to the point, so new visitors aren’t put off by a wall of text. If people want to find out more about you then they can scroll down to your work experience, education, and past projects.

It’s also very easy for those browsing your profile to see where others have endorsed you. Unlike recommendations, LinkedIn endorsements are easy to give. Every person that endorses you will show up next to the skill they have endorsed you for. This is a new easy way for visitors to see what you are good at.

Discover new people

The new LinkedIn personal profile will also help you to discover people. It gives you a graphical representation of the people you have something in common with. Or you can see which of your connections work for your dream company.

With this new way of looking at your connections, you can easily discover who is already connected with people you’d like to be introduced to. This makes it all the more simple to make new and useful connections.


Your activity is displayed at the top of your new LinkedIn personal profile. This is a great chance to show people what you are working on or you could share something from your blog. This sort of activity says a lot about you and your business.

You can also see what your connections are up to and easily engage with what they are working on. On the right of the new LinkedIn personal profile there’s also a ‘people you may know’ section, which makes it very easy to add colleagues, clients and like-minded users as connections.


The new insights will give you an idea of where your profile sits amongst your peers, how people view you, and other profiles that people have also been looking at. This is very valuable as it can give you an idea of whether or not your profile is working for the type of audience you are trying to target and potentially work with.

Another advantage of this is that you can see whether or not the changes you make to your profile are working to your benefit.

You can request an invitation to try the new LinkedIn personal profile here.

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    1. Hi Jack, good question. Yes you can do everything we have shared in this new LinkedIn profile for free. All our LinkedIn profiles are free ones, we don’t feel the need to pay the premium to maximise this network. Thanks Lynsey

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