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SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 14 Jun 2017 by Eleanor
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SEO practices are constantly evolving so it’s always important to make sure you’ve got the latest tools to help you keep your content in line with the best practices. Here at SocialB, we use many tools to keep us in the know of the latest algorithm updates, content and keyword trends and changes in user experiences to your site. Here’s our favourite 5 that we use daily.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends can offer you the insight to make huge strategic decisions based on the search trends throughout the year on specific topics, search terms, companies and people. It can give you a breakdown of the top questions asked on certain topics, interest over time, by region, related topics – it’s just a great source for extra info. We particularly love the Interest Over Time feature as it can tell you the impact of certain topics as it happened in relation to when certain things took off. In the example below, we can see that the interest in Fidget Spinners suddenly peaked towards the end of April when the trend really gained momentum and sales started to soar along with news reports on the gadgets.

Fidget Spinner Google Trends

4. GT Metrix

Do you know how quickly your website pages load? No? You’re definitely going to want to use this tool then! Not only does a slow site negatively impact your user experience for customers but it can majorly impact SEO as well! GT Metrix will give you an overall page speed score (A-F) but also break it down on the exact load time, total page size and the number of requests it’s having to generate. It will then give you a full list of recommendations you can make to start improving your website overall based on a high – low priority list.

3. Screaming Frog

It may not be the prettiest of tools but it sure does do an awesome job! Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider will do a complete crawl of your site and give you the critical data you need to start fixing everything from missing meta descriptions to 404 errors. It’s got a massive amount of data to provide so download it and take it for a spin to see how your website holds up!

2. Moz

You can’t go wrong with having a Moz account – it’s user friendly, has fantastic support and, most importantly, has a wealth of information to give you, such as backlink analysis, keyword ranking analysis, crawl test errors, plus insights into how you can improve your SEO performance overall and competitor analysis.

Moz SEO Tools Screenshot

1. Google Search Console

Of course, this takes the number 1 spot as it is such a ‘must-use’ tool! Google Search Console will help you visualise how your site appears in Google’s search results, with breakdowns on your overall search appearance and traffic, you’re Google Index status, site crawl status and security issues. This tool is essential to look at every day for about 5 or so minutes, just to do a quick check to make sure everything is running and ranking as it should be – you’ll quickly be able to identify any server errors, sudden drops in indexed pages or rankings and any issues like website hacks or spam through quick notifications and get to fixing them straight away. It’ll also provide you with handy improvement suggestions alongside tutorials and videos to help you implement them.

Google Search Console Screenshot

Do you have a favourite tool that you use daily that should be included in our list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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