The Top 5 Things Businesses Should Do On Pinterest

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 13 Jan 2014 by Gemma

Social Media is a veritable jungle of opportunity in which to communicate with your target audience and connect with potential customers – but where to start? If your business is visual no doubt you already have a presence (or know you should) on Pinterest. With integration with other networks advancing daily, it really is a fruitful social media platform. Today on the SocialB blog we provide you with the top 5 things businesses should do on Pinterest.

  • Create an interesting profile and keep it current

As with all social media networks, your profile needs to tell visitors who you are, what you do and what makes you special. Remember social networks are vital vehicles for driving traffic to your website so make sure you profiles are properly linked to your homepage. Maintain your profile page regularly to make it relevant, seasonal and up to date.

  • Upload Boards regularly

It is important to maintain interest by regularly updating your content. Think outside the box – of course, create boards with images of your new products lines or seasonal changes in your business; but also, why not create trend boards, or document trips or training sessions that are relevant to your business and may also be of interest to your consumers.

  • Comment and interact with others on Pinterest

Social Media is an online conversation. The expectation that people will interact with your content without reciprocation is unfair, so make sure you actively comment on others pins. Allow just a few minutes every day to browse others profiles and start a conversation, no doubt you will learn something and maybe even improve your business networks.

  • Like and share other users’ pins

Whilst self-promotion and driving consumers to your website is key, establishing your business as a brand authority amongst the Pinterest community is extremely beneficial. Create Pinterest boards that provide useful and educational information to your followers. Adding your own content and carefully vetted content from other relevant sources to your boards will help to build trust amongst your target audience.

  • Cross-pollinate

If you are new to Pinterest but have a large body of loyal followers on other networks, ensure you share your Pinterest updates across platforms to increase your visibility. Follow and like users to interact with on other platforms to let them know you are a Pinterest User. Also, include options on your website for users to Pin your images to their boards.

Follow these top 5 things businesses should do on Pinterest and you should increase traffic to your site and awareness of your brand in no time. Plus, think of all the fun you’ll have letting your creative juices flow in order to create fun and interesting boards.

The SocialB blog has an extensive body of information with helpful hints and tips on social media marketing for your business, if you need any more inspiration on the top 5 things businesses should do on Pinterest, have a look! We also offer in-house or external training courses to give you or your employees the foundations they need to build successful social media marketing campaigns.

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