This Might Be Why Your B2B Website Is Not Converting

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Your website is the gateway to your brand. The content and design hosted on the website reflects your business and the services you provide. Driving traffic to a website is only half the battle, as the key metric that determines whether a website is successful or not is conversions.

So why are you not getting more conversions?

Visitors to your website simply don’t have enough chances to convert

Take a look at your website. How many ways can a visitor contact you or interact with your business? Let’s look at the traditional ways that a user can contact you on your website.

– Phone number
– Email address

These two communication methods are the absolute minimum you need to be able to engage with your audience and begin to measure some form of conversions. The opportunity to convert a visitor begins the second they arrive on your website and the tools used to convert a user should be visible on every single page. Not everyone will arrive on your website through the homepage so each content page or blog post needs to have sufficient calls-to-actions.

Aside from your phone number and email address there are five easy and accessible tools you can utilise to increase your conversions.

– Live Chat
– Newsletter Sign Up
– Contact Form
– Ebook Download
– Social Media Links

These five elements will give your website the additional routes to conversion that can be so valuable to a business. Not all conversions will directly result in an immediate working relationship with a client. If a user signs up to your email database you now have a direct method of contacting them with targeted and relevant information. If someone engages via live chat you will be able to capture his or her contact details as well as have some extra information that was generated within the chat.

The key to all conversions is measurement. If you aren’t tracking how many phone calls you are receiving or what traffic sources generated your live chats, you will be unable to make the necessary marketing decisions that will help to shape your overall strategy.

Your current situation may look like you are not receiving many conversions but the reality is that you may not be giving your users enough chances to convert. Join us over on twitter to let us know your thoughts.

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