Three PPC Changes To Improve Your Google Ads

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 14 Jul 2014 by Carla
Paid Search (PPC)

This article explores three Google Adwords changes you can make today to help and improve yours ads activity.

1. Ad site links to your AdWords ad copy

Site links used on AdWords ads offer additional content for click through, these can be in a variety of formats such as text, click to call phone numbers, reviews, ratings, locations and more. Sitelinks appear when ads are shown in a top position, therefore ensure your bid prices are optimised for ad position.

2. Use {KeyWord:Insertion} in ad titles

Keyword insertion is a formula used in the ad copy of the ad title. Adwords require the formula in set format to ensure it works. By using {KeyWord:Red Shoes} in a title that a user then searches for ‘flat red shoes’ the title changes to the users search query e.g. ‘Flat Red Shoes’ making the user experience coherent to the user’s demand.

3. Include a clear ‘Call To Action’ in the ad description or display url

Call to Actions allow users to understand what it is you want e.g. Sign Up Today or Shop Online… This content is popular and enticing when used in AdWords copy.

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