Three Steps That Will Tansform The Way You Use Pinterest

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Pinterest is a fantastic tool for businesses looking to promote themselves through social media. If you have a very visual product or service then this is the perfect social network for you. Perhaps you’ve been using it with relative success but want to take it to the next level. Here are some steps that will transform the way you use Pinterest.

Add text to your image

If you’re looking for click throughs to your site from the images you pin then you need to let people know that there’s something interesting to be seen.

If you’re linking to a blog post from Pinterest, add the title of that post to a relevant image. Anyone who is intrigued by the image will now know that there’s more to be seen if they click through to your site.

It’s not always practical to add text to your images, though. If you can’t, add as much information as you can in the comments section. Link back to your website, give more information on what you’re linking to and make sure you have something that will hook the reader.

Keep an eye on your analytics

Business accounts get fantastic analytics on their pins. Look at this regularly as it can help you to establish what’s working. Take a look at your most pinned images and work out what the theme is. Are people more interested in beautiful images of your products, lifestyle shots or images with text?

Keep it fun

Don’t just focus all your boards on your business. It’s important to show your fun side and draw other pinners to you. Repin their content, pin your own and create boards that people will want to follow. They don’t have to be directly related to what you do but make sure there’s some sort of link.

These inspirational boards will bring people in and help them to get to know your brand. From there your other boards and pins will let them find out more about your business and what you do.

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