Three Tips For Using Facebook Ads Successfully

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Business_presentation_byVectorOpenStockFacebook advertising has seen huge growth in 2014 and has become an important tool in many online strategies. The main element that makes this platform so popular amongst advertisers is the deep levels of customization and user targeting available. The ability to target your adverts to very specific audiences is seeing conversion rates soar.

Facebooks current advertising objectives available to advertisers include:

  • Sending people to your website
  • Increasing conversion on your website
  • Boosting your posts
  • Promoting your page
  • App downloads
  • Increasing app engagement
  • Increasing event attendance
  • Offers
  • Video views

Each objective allows you to create multiple campaigns targeting different target audiences. The more targeted your audience can be the conversions or goal completions you will see. Our three quick tips to make you Facebook advertising campaign successful are:

  • Make sure your ad targeting matches your overall goal. If you are looking to increase website traffic from a certain audience or gain app downloads from a 14-25 year olds, then make sure each goal has its own campaign with the correct settings. Not separating your audiences into individual campaigns will mean that you may achieve app downloads/web visits but you won’t be able to report the effectiveness and success of your target audience.
  • Grab your audience’s attention. Facebook allows you to add several images when creating the ads so make the most of this. Create some custom graphics that also highlights the offer/information (remember only 20% of the ad can be text). Using stock images are often boring and won’t be eye-catching enough to demand any attention in your target audience’s news feed.
  • Join up your advertising efforts. It is important to not simply rely on your Facebook adverts to achieve your end goal. Make sure your Facebook cover photo and/or profile image includes imagery related to your promotion. Make sure the landing page of your website clearly emphasises the offer/promotion in a natural way that the end user would expect. Sending everyone to your homepage can leave people stranded and will often result in a low conversion rate.

Ensuring these three tips are present in each campaign will help to gain a higher click-through-rate as well as a higher conversion rate. With the many advertising objectives available via Facebook ads, from gaining video views through to app downloads, the possibilities for reaching your target audience really are endless.

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