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Whether you want to generate more business, promote your brand awareness or just make new and useful partnerships LinkedIn can be the perfect place for you and your business. As of January 2018, LinkedIn has over 250 million monthly active users all of these solely on the platform for making business connections and creating new opportunities. Used correctly and LinkedIn can be a marketing goldmine for your business.

A great way to begin growing your business on LinkedIn is to actually start with your personal LinkedIn profile, as odd as it may sound, having a good personal profile along with everyone who works for the company. If your companies’ personnel profiles are all at a good level then you’re already making good impressions for your business without even touching your business’s LinkedIn profile. Continue to keep up your profile with new skills, achievements and maybe case studies then you’ll continue to make a good impression on your business.

When creating your business’s LinkedIn page try and fill it with as much useful content as possible, providing a good background into what your business does and why other people should do business with you. The most useful way to draw in interaction and generate leads is by publishing exciting and engaging content, its proven that being pushy with sales doesn’t work well on LinkedIn, so try and engage your target audience with interesting content like insights into your industry, news from your industry and advice that you think your target audience would interact well with. 81 percent of people only skim the content they read online so make sure that your content is engaging and will grab the reader.

Whilst it’s best to publish your own content it’s also smart to share and engage with other people’s content, sharing and commenting on other people’s content will not only attract new followers and lead to potential business, but it allows shows your followers that you are active in the industry and adds a ‘friendly’ face to the business. The more employees of the business engage on LinkedIn the more likely you are to grow your following which leads to potential business.

LinkedIn sponsored ads are a great way to reach business and people that you can’t connect with. If you publish an article that gets high engagement you can add some budget to the article and boost it to a targeted audience, this will land directly in LinkedIn feeds of your targeted professional.

By utilising these tips, you and your business will accomplish great results on LinkedIn in 2018.

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