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LinkedinLast year the social media channel Linkedin decided to open its content publishing to every one. This not only puts Linkedin in a dominant position in the marketing space, but also brings amazing opportunities for brands to share their knowledge and expertise and reach a wider audience.

Basically, Linkedin’s publishing platform allows you to blog on Linkedin and if you get featured and seen as an influencer, you can reach million members interested in your topics.

So if you’re considering starting to blog on Linkedin Pulse or want some tips to enhance your writing, here are 4 great publishing tips:

1. Share your expertise

All social media marketing in all platforms is about sharing valuable content and it’s no different in using Linkedin Pulse.

If you have a blog on your website you already know that it is a golden opportunity to show your expertise, your knowledge, and what makes you different from the competition.

Writers on Linkedin Pulse that have important and key business advice to offer to their readers are not only read and shared more often but also generate more engagement.

This will also make you be seen as an expert in your field and attract potential customers or leads.

2. Take the reader to your website

An article on Linkedin Pulse is great to increase brand exposure but you don’t want your readers to just read you or follow you on Linkedin, you want them to become potential customers.

So, make sure than you help readers on that by linking your articles with your own website.

You can add hyperlinks to keywords on your copy directing people to specific website landing pages or insert a bio with links at the end of your posts directing people to your website.

You can also add links to offers or promotions at the end of the post in order to encourage people to click and visit your site. Take real advantage of this opportunity to increase the traffic on your website!

3. Add images

Among posts that are featured daily on Linkedin Pulse, only 13% of them don’t use an image.

Visuals are key on social media nowadays so make sure you add one or more images to your posts.

You can take the pictures from your website, use stock photos or create new ones, but make sure they’re always relevant to the theme of the article and create a related emotion.

Images are shown on your article page, on people’s home page feed and the main Pulse’s page, s a good image can increase clicks and visibility.

4. Post shorter articles and more often

This is an actually recommendation from Linkedin, that you write short posts and post often to get the most out of their platform.

This doesn’t mean that you always have to write short posts, depending on the nature of the theme you’re writing about, you can write longer posts, but make sure you always write short paragraphs.

The average post length of a top 100 Linkedin article is 600 words. You can experiment with different lengths and see what your audience actually prefers.

Over to you

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