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iStock_000003597971_MediumHere at SocialB we believe that you need to be on top of what is happening on social media, and by using some simple social media monitoring (SMM) tools you can make sure you are proactive rather than reactive. Don’t be daunted by SMM, think of it as a form of market research. Follow our top 5 tips on social media monitoring to make sure you stay one step ahead!

Social Media Monitoring will provide you with a snapshot of how your brand is performing on social media – how people are interacting with you – and what others are saying about you. Wouldn’t you love to have the answers to these questions when asked by your boss or your client – well now you can! Just follow SocialB’s top 5 tips on Social Media Monitoring:

  • What are you going to measure?

Do you need to identify a problem, or create more interaction with key influencers? Are you trying to identify a niche in your area of business? Establish outcomes and objectives based on the above. In doing so you can work towards key performance indicators to help you determine whether your social media strategy is working.

  • Work out a manageable schedule and budget

Are you sharing the workload that Social Media Monitoring has created or will you be solely responsible? Do you have enough time to set aside to fulfill your objectives? Another solution may be to outsource your SMM – resulting in a monthly or quarterly report from your chosen agency, allowing you to efficiently analyse and act upon the results.

  • Use the best available SMM tools

There are countless websites available to assist you with your Social Media Monitoring, some paid for, some free. SocialB recommends the free Facebook Watch tool that allows you to view competitor’s insights, such as which posts attracted most attention. Also Tweetreach and Followerwonk can tell you how far your tweets travel, and the more general Google Analytics is a good place to start.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors

Social Media Monitoring is not only for your own social media platform but also it’s important to see what they’re up to and how influential they are. Include key competitors in your searches and monitoring and learn from it!

  • Act!

When discussing your Social Media Monitoring objectives decide how you are going to use the information. Who is going to address negativity, and how for instance? Do you have the resources to engage with and thank those who are voluntarily endorsing your brand? Deciding this beforehand can be beneficial to help you manage your social media marketing, and think strategically about how to use the information you discover to your advantage.

We hope our top 5 tips on Social Media Monitoring have been helpful! Want to know more? Talk to SocialB.

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