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Twitter is a fantastic tool for businesses of all sizes and best of all it is free! Lynsey Sweales CEO of social media and online marketing experts SocialB shares her top tips.

Regardless if you are a sole trader or a multi million pound international brand you can all have a piece of the social media Twitter pie.
Being one of the key marketing tools of the moment we have seen lots of companies fall into the same trap. They think ‘everyone is using Twitter for their business we must do it too’ – big mistake!  They set up an account and without any plan, organisation or thought process the abundance of sales based tweets start. No interaction, no use of keywords and with no effective results their tweets quickly dry up with the conclusion it isn’t for them.

I Could Easily Write A Book On Tips But Here Are My Top Tips For Twitter To Get You Started

1) Keywords

These are key to your tweets and in fact not just you but others looking for new people to follow and vice versa. Keep it simple and use hashtags. For example a radio station may well have #music as one of the keywords they use in relevant tweets.  You can also use/find out about current trending keywords and use them, the top ones for 2010 can be found here Top Twitter Trends 2010.

2) Interaction

It is easy to follow the corporate or formal line but people want to know there is a human behind your account rather than a robot! You will need to find the right balance depending on your industry but as a good example the recent snow (#uksnow) created loads of conversation and of course became a key trend word on twitter. Twitter isn’t just about you/your business – its about interacting. Keep an eye on your feed and interact with your followers. A good excuse to tweet someone is to welcome them as a new follower or respond to a ‘Good morning’.

3) Offers/Knowledge

Your ultimate objective for your tweet is for it to be retweeted – i.e. helping you to gain more followers and of course promoting your business. Two simple ways of doing this are:- have an exclusive offer for your followers and/or a competition if they retweet. The other option is to share some knowledge, for example I often tweet useful online marketing  and social media tips (not always mine either, other websites/blogs too if I think the information is useful) and as many of my followers are businesses too they can retweet it if they think it is of use.

4) Tweet length

A key part of any tweet is the number of characters you have (140). If you want people to retweet your message it needs to be able to be retweeted quickly and within the 140 characters they have including their name etc. we know there are tweet longer products but we think it is important to work within the 140 characters plus their name to ensure you maximise your audience and your message isn’t lost.

5) Time

Once you start tweeting it can easily start to take up lots of your time if you don’t plan and have a strategy. The most successful way I have found to make Twitter work for our clients is to review my RSS feeds each morning (which I have set up) plus any key events relating to our clients (i.e. a national radio station with a certain show they wish to promote once a week). From here I can then plan the tweets for our clients the day while also reviewing new followers and potential followers. We will flick on to all our clients accounts 4 or 5 times a day and while doing so look at the feed of followers to see who we can interact with (as point 2).
Finally, Twitter has lots of useful tools for your website to help you gain followers – they are worth a look if you haven’t already done so and also the Twitter blog.
I hope you find my Top tips for Twitter useful.  If you have any hints or tips you want to share then please feel free to comment.


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