Twitter Advertising Is Open To Small Businesses In The UK

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It has been an exciting time for Twitter! Recently the platform listed on the New York Stock Exchange and this week it has announced an advanced and key advertising feature for small businesses.

Until recently advertising on Twitter worked on an invitation-only basis, but it was made available to smaller users in the US last April. Now, as of yesterday, Twitter opened it’s advertising to SMEs in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

If you’re a small business you will now be able to advertise your products/services using Promoted Profiles, which are highlighted for users to follow, and also Promoted Tweets, which will appear in their timelines.

Why are Twitter ads good for small businesses?

Similar to Facebook advertising, you can now create targeted ads for the consumers and specific niche that you want to address. By prioritising ad delivery to users with particular keywords in their timelines as well as those who follow certain accounts, you will be addressing specific audiences. You can filter by lcoation and gender and also users similar to the ones that follow you already.

For a small business that doesn’t have a huge budget to spend online, Twitter advertising is a good option since prices start small and you only pay per click, re-tweet or follow, i.e., when there’s an action taken that benefits you and never for organic Twitter activity.

Here are 3 key benefits for your business:

  • Quickly grow your community of followers and advocates to help spread your content.
  • Go beyond your existing followers to reach more potential customers interested in your products/services.
  • Drive awareness of offers, events and product launches while increasing website traffic and brand awareness too.

Twitter ads are quickly going to become widely used by small businesses.

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