Twitter Analytics Is Now Available To Everyone

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Originally available exclusively to advertising partners, the Twitter Analytics platform is now open to the public. Twitter said that it is testing a simplified version of the analytics feature, which was previously only offered to companies that purchase ads on Twitter, with a small number of users, opening up new opportunities for businesses.

Twitter stated that:

“We’ve been experimenting giving the analytics feature to a small group of users outside our advertising clients, we’ve been happy with the response thus far, and will determine next steps after the conclusion of these tests.”

How to see if you can access the Twitter Analytics data?

You need to login in to Twitter ads and then go to the Twitter Analytics drop down menu to access the data – without having to spend money on ads!

The data that is available is divided by Timeline Activity (Tweets) and by Followers:

Tweets – Tweet specific stats include the number of retweets, favourites and the extended reach derived from follower sharing. You can organize the tweet chart by Best, Good, and All. A key point for brands using social media is the ability to see the specific number of clicks on each link.

Followers – Here brands can monitor their growth as well as more detailed demographic data including location, unique and top interests and gender on top of this it also shows who your followers are following which could provide brands with an opportunity to analyse increase their reach.

Other third-party Twitter services provide some of this information, like Klout and Favstar, but few of them are as comprehensive as Twitter Analytics and none are built right into the social network itself.

The interesting point about Twitter Analytics is that all the information is available in a clear and accessible format so every user can easily understand and analyse it taking specific action based on the data. You can also download a CSV file of the data for the user’s own personal records.

We’ll keep a close eye on the Twitter Analytics development over the next few weeks.

What do you think about Twitter rolling out their stats to everyone?


    1. Hi Lua

      They are doing a gradual roll out so you may not have it just yet. Keep checking and once logged in you will be given a button at the top called ‘analytics’.



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