Twitter Edit Button – Coming To You In 2017?

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One of the most requested features on Twitter is the edit button…

Twitters CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently said that he and his team are thinking about an edit function ‘a lot’. Dorsey said after being inundated with requests by Twitter users he said that the company has been considering this. The edit button has been demanded for a long time by Twitter’s users after they’ve tweeted something, much in the same way that Facebook allows its users to amend live posts.

Twitter updates have reached a point whenever a tweak, service or update is made, the company gets barraged with questions asking why they’ve dedicated so much time and effort into something that wasn’t highly requested by the larger majority of their users, instead of adding a feature like the edit button which would be much more beneficial.

Dorsey has acknowledged that an edit button has been the most requested feature, but also made sure to say the company is grappling with how to introduce it. In order to add the ability to edit posts, it would at the same time require a lot of changes to be made. Especially when it comes to public record for high-profile figures, where users might be able to deny having said certain things or could edit their messages after many people have retweeted or quoted tweets.


A resolution that was suggested by Dorsey was adding a time limit on Tweets, for example, to correct spelling mistakes, and suggested a 5-minute time frame could work much better than enabling tweet edits at any time.

Other requested features include a bookmark button and better safety and reporting options for bullies on the social media network. The bookmarking tool would be used for better threading conversations and multiple timelines based on people’s interests. Regarding the topic of harassment and bullying, Dorsey made sure to highlight some of the company’s recent efforts to tackle abusers on the social network and that it’s Twitter’s top priority. One of these recent efforts to handle abusive tweets was a new tool. with the ability to flat multiple tweets at a time to show a pattern of harassment. Up until that point, you were only able to attach a single tweet when reporting abuse.

It’ll be interesting to see if the much requested Twitter edit will be available at some point in 2017, what are your thoughts?

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