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Those who want to use Twitter for business have had a couple of weeks to get to grips with Twitter’s new real-time keyword targeting now. When the change was announced people hailed the news as ‘game-changing’, but what does it really mean for advertisers and how can you get the best from it?

In case you missed the announcement, Twitter now allows advertisers to target their ads based on what users are tweeting. Before this, the content of tweets was only one deciding factor as to who would see your ad, combined with other criteria such as who that user follows. Now companies using Twitter for business can target people who are talking about a specific subject in real-time.

This obviously has a huge impact for anyone who wants to use social media to promote or sell their products or services. The change is also likely to attract large numbers of new advertisers to the platform who have previously steered clear of Twitter’s less than perfect aim with promoted content.

In test campaigns through some of Twitter’s larger advertisers, including Everything Everywhere, the results were incredibly positive. Engagement rates were increased versus the old platform, with some reporting up to 11% engagement on their promoted tweet campaigns. There was also a huge increase in tweet impressions, meaning brands using Twitter for business were seeing far increased exposure from campaigns.

The practical applications are too many to mention in one short post, but advertisers are sure to come up with a variety of creative ways to use Twitter for business and take advantage of its new real-time keyword targeting. The most effective use would be to combine this approach with other campaigns on more traditional platforms.

For example, targeting users watching a specific TV programme when your advert is due to air will help to reinforce your message. Users will be reminded of your product or service straight away, helping it to stick in their memory. Using the promoted tweet to encourage engagement from the Twitter community will create a real buzz in your target audience and, if you’re lucky, you could even end up trending.

Another idea would be to combine the keyword targeting with geolocations. This can be a really powerful way to use Twitter for business and drive sales of tickets to local events for example. Advertisers looking to promote a vintage fair could target users for keywords such as ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ then combine this with their location to display tweets announcing a special discount on tickets to the event. This could be a really handy way of creating a buzz when sales are launched as well as driving last minute sales.

However Twitter’s real-time keyword targeting is used, the coming weeks and months will be really exciting for advertisers everywhere. If the service works as well as expected Twitter could become a real powerhouse advertising platform. Used to drive sales, conversations, and buzz, to answer consumer queries, to solve problems and to accurately target the right people. Could using Twitter for business and its real-time keyword targeting be the next big thing?

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