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Multi-photo tweets & tagging up to ten of your friends: Yep, Twitter is making itself even more sociable. Increase Twitter followers for free

Twitter has announced this week that it is rolling out two new features to improve photo sharing on the mobile version of the app.

Multi-photo tweets

Now, you will be able to share up to four photos in a single tweet. These will be displayed in a collage format and can be uploaded directly from your mobile. Everyone will be able to view the multi-photo tweets, but may not have the ability to use them yet – iPhone to receive the update first, quickly followed by Android and other smartphones.

The ability to share multi-photos will make tweets even more engaging and further confirms the importance of visual marketing in today’s social media campaigns.


Much like tagging a friend in a photo on Facebook or Instagram, Twitter has now enabled a feature so that you can tag up to 10 friends in one photo, without affecting your character limit.

This feature will make tweeting even more effective – communication between users will be much easier due to the tags not affecting the character space, thus allowing more of your friends and followers to be alerted to your photo tweets.


We are reminded of the increased significance of visual marketing by updates such as these by the largest social media platforms. The ability to share photos and videos at ease is now a social media platform necessity and Twitter is keeping up with trends by allowing it’s users further engagement with minimal effort or change.

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