Twitter Video – Have You Embraced It Yet?

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Twitter Video - SocialB BlogAs Twitter has expanded it’s offering of internal features, such as photos, videos and polls, it’s no wonder that brands are embracing these to their best advantage.

Video can be a powerful tool to share stories, evoke emotion and drive engagement and action quickly. 82% of Twitter users watch video content when it appears on their timelines, with 90% viewing on a mobile device, and 41% think Twitter is a great place to discover new and viral videos.

As Twitter added Periscope in 2015, there is more reason that ever to start embracing video on Twitter.


Using Twitter video is easier than ever, especially if you have an iPhone, which you can upload directly from. The time limit is 30 seconds for videos on Twitter, which is a perfect amount as most audiences abandon a video after 30 seconds or so. Video can be used for behind-the-scenes glimpses, which is great to show brand’s human side and authenticity. Twitter drives significantly more engagement resulting, on average, 2.5x more replies, 2.8 more retweets and 1.9x more likes!

Paige Denim used Twitter’s promoted video feature to take fashion lovers behind the scenes of it’s spring collection in 2015 and drove more new visitors to their website than on any other platform.


Another great use for Twitter video is to get a quick marketing message out that’s clear, fun and features a great call-to-action. This works especially well for new product/service launches, especially when the action is edited into the video, and the tweet clearly features a link to the product or service.


Q&A’s via video are certainly a more engaging way of running these campaigns than just tweeting answers using the hashtag. Many celebrities have already trialled this and brands have since jumped on board, bringing in experts in a field to discuss different topics relevant to the brand. You can share surprisingly quick ‘how to’s’ also with the 30 seconds of time you have, and then linking to a longer video/blog with full explanation.

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