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At the beginning of this year, we introduced you to Twitter Vine, a new tool that allows you to broadcast video in no more than six seconds. Since it was released 3 months ago it’s being revealed as a big success with many businesses taking advantage of it, which comes as no surprise since the world of social media is getting more and more visual.

Some businesses, however, are struggling to come out with ideas on how to use it, since you need to be really creative having only six seconds!

Here are some ideas of content you can use on Twitter Vine:

New products or services

Offer a glimpse of a new product or service that is going to be launched soon. With only six seconds to show, it can work perfectly as a teaser making people curious and wanting to know more. You can also feature a series of short videos with different product angles until the product is launched and completely revealed. This can create excitement and social noise about its release.

Show your office and staff

A great strategy for businesses on social media is showing who they are behind their brands, by showing their employees and offices. Create a video or a series of videos that show your office and staff in a fun way, focusing on a specific theme. If your company runs events outside the office, like a weekly sports event, show that too.

Run competitions

Twitter Vine is a great way to run competitions. You can produce a video and then ask questions related to it. For example, if you have a car business and your target audience is based in London, drive a car around the city and ask people questions about the places. Then select a winner from all the correct answers. This is a great way to increase brand awareness, engagement and creating social noise.

Show your products or services

Show on a six-second video someone using your product or service on a specific environment that is related to your target audience. This is a quick way for people relate to your products and services.

Quick greetings

Wish your customers a great weekend, acknowledge a holiday, or just pop in to say hello. A little face time is always a good thing.

Before and after

This could work in a variety of contexts, especially for companies where a transformation is a part of what the business does, like for example car wrapping businesses or hairdressers.

Invite people to see you at an event

Is your company present at a key exhibition or conference? Get people to come and visit you at your stand or watch you giving a key-note speech by showing a video talking directly from the event.

Fun off-topic videos

Does your company have a cute cat has a pet? Feature six seconds of the cat being fussed over by a customer. People love this kind of content and fun videos will help attract more followers to your Vine account.

Is your company already producing engaging Twitter Vine videos? Share with us which type of content you are using.




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