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At the end of January, we saw the launch of Twitter Vine, a new video-sharing service. Download the free app and you will be able to create a six-second video which is played on a loop. The interesting thing is that those six seconds don’t have to be filmed in one go, leading to some fantastically creative stop-motion type videos.

At this stage (as with so many new apps) Vine is an iOS exclusive, but there are rumors that a lead Android developer has been sought by the company, so we might not have to wait too long for the app to be more widely available.

For those of us lucky enough to have an iPhone this is a really great app, and simple to use. But can it be useful? It’s all very well having the tech to make a quirky video, but how should you use it? Here are some tips for business owners to get the best from Twitter Vine.

Videos created with Vine are short, just a little over six seconds. That is long enough to get across a message while staying snappy enough that you don’t lose those people who have a short attention span. You will need to put some serious work into simplifying your message to get it across effectively, though. That can be really cathartic when you’re marketing strategy has been getting jumbled about in the messy world of social media.

Because Vine has a social aspect to it, much like Instagram, you can tag your creations to make them searchable, share with friends and link to other social networks. If you’re lucky enough you could even create something which goes viral.

Show your playful side – Vine is a great opportunity to show customers the fun side of your company. Work with a group of people to come up with something funny to do using your products, like this Vine from Dove.

Create a buzz by showing teasers. This idea was used to its best recently during New York Fashion Week and then (London Fashion Week) with designers, models and journalists all uploading sneak peeks of what was going on behind the scenes and down the catwalk.

Get your customers involved. Already we’ve seen competitions cropping up with businesses encouraging others to create a Vine around a theme. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to your site make sure you tell your customers how they can connect with you and make competition entry simple with the inclusion of a hashtag.

Keep an eye on what other users are creating, especially your competitors. It’s always important to know what you’re up against so following relevant businesses on Twitter and regularly searching Vines using a site like Vine Roulette means you won’t miss a thing.

Have you seen any really good examples of businesses using Vine?


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