UK Web Users Prioritise Social Over Entertainment

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A study by Experian Marketing Services has shown that UK internet users spend almost a quarter of their desktop internet time (22%) using social media sites. This was followed by Entertainment (13%) and shopping (9%).

That might seem like a lot of time spent using social media but it’s lower than in the US (27%) and Australia (24%). Between 2011 and 2012 the time spent on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest while on a desktop computer or laptop has dropped 3% in the UK.

Although we seem to spend a lot of our time using social media, our desktop time spent on entertainment has grown by 2% since 2011.

From this data it might look like our love of using social media is dwindling, but that’s not the case. It seems that more and more people are choosing to view their social networks on their mobiles.

eMarketer forecasts social media use to grow significantly over the coming years as more and more people use their mobiles to access it. eMarketer predicts that smartphone social network users in the UK will grow by 50% to 30.7million by 2017. That’s almost half the population.

This makes it sound like the number of people using social media is going to be huge in the next four years but with the introduction of 4G phones, it looks like there are going to be other types of content vying for mobile users’ time. We’ll probably continue to see an increase in entertainment-related viewing both on desktop and mobile.

Improved performance on mobile devices will probably lead to more and more users using their smartphones for shopping, news, entertainment and – of course – social media.

Mobile users tend to be a bit pickier about what content they read both on and off of social media. For businesses, this means that simple, attention grabbing content is key to engaging the ever growing amount of mobile users.

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