How To Create Eye Catching Agri Photos To Share On Social Media

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Bulbs 2This year has seen a major increase in Agriculture businesses using social media.

It is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in these conversations and show your expertise in your specific subject.

One of the main types of content that Agriculture businesses have been successfully delivering is images.

Social media is incredibly visual; customers and potential customers are very interested in seeing what goes behind the farms and food production.

It gives them understanding and reassurance about where their food comes from, and how it is produced, something that generates a lot of interest nowadays, for a number of reasons.

Therefore, being able to generate amazing photos of your farm and production is key to keeping your audience engaged. Here are handy 4 tips to do so:

1. Tell a story through images

You undoubtedly have stories to tell, so and tell it with photos. That’s what the art of photography has always been about and what people love on social media.

Share your successes, changes, your challenges, your achievements, etc, by telling your followers a story including engaging images that support your story, so they can relate to it.

You can even tell a story about a specific situation that is happening throughout a week, a month or a season, keeping your followers updated and engaged to it on social media.

2. Show yourself

Don’t just show your farm and your food, show yourself as well – take “felfies” (selfie snapped on the farm)!

People relate to people, and they want to know who’s behind the production of the food they buy and eat.

Don’t be shy to show pictures of yourself and other workers at your farm, it will make it easier for people to connect and relate to you on social media.

3. Alternate between wide lens and close-up photos

Your followers will be interested in seeing both wide lens photos of your farm but also close-up photos of specific foods and products.

Make sure that your photos always clearly show what you’re trying to say in your content. For example, if you’re talking specifically about a particular vegetable, take a nice, close-up photo of that vegetable instead, of a photo where it is lost in the field in the middle of many others.

4. Use image tools

Your photos not only need to deliver interesting images, they need to be good quality images too. However, you don’t need an expensive camera to achieve this, or be an expert on Photoshop.

Whilst you should always consider taking quality photos, there are also hundreds of tools online that can easily help you to edit your images like enhance colour, crop the photos, change the lighting, and other features.

Just make sure you don’t over use it as photos should have quality but also look natural so they show your farm and your food production in a real way.

Have you got any eye-catching images of your farm? Share them with us @SocialBuk.

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