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Updates To LinkedIn In 2017 – And What They Mean For Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media never sits still. In 2017, LinkedIn released updates to its advertising products on average every two weeks – we checked! We can’t possibly go through them all, but as you take stock of 2017 and think about next year’s strategy, we thought you could do with being aware of a few of the most exciting ones.

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Remarketing With LinkedIn “Matched Audiences” Tool

LinkedIn already gives business an effective and convenient means of marketing to the platform’s users, but now you can specifically reach those you already know with targeted campaigns.

As of April this year, you can run ads on the platform that appear only to people who have visited your website – a great way to ensure you remain top-of-mind for those considering services like yours, or to engage your non-responsive email contacts.

Learn more about how to use Matched Audiences

Conversion Tracking For InMail Campaigns

Previously only available for sponsored content and text ads, the platform has recently introduced this function for the sponsored messages which are sent directly to members’ LinkedIn inboxes. This allows advertisers to easily measure the number of leads, sign-ups, content downloads, purchases driven by their campaigns, and segment results by seniority, industry etc. of the people you’ve successfully converted to leads. This is an exciting step forward in advertisers’ ability to measure the impact and ROI of their campaigns.

More about LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

Audience Network

Reach Non-Members With LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn introduced this new feature in September, designed to help authors of Sponsored Content reach a wider audience. Arguably a little behind the times given Facebook introduced this feature years ago, but good to see that LinkedIn is catching up.

With Audience Network, your updates can be surfaced beyond members’ LinkedIn feed and displayed on other sites and apps. You can customise your preferences so that your content doesn’t appear in certain categories of site, or specifically block your content from appearing in particular URLs. Those who have already started using this feature have reported up to 80% more unique clicks.

Learn more about the Audience Network

More Ways To Engage Potential Candidates

LinkedIn has always been the go-to platform for any career-focussed activity, but the tools available to employers and job seekers are getting increasingly intuitive and 2017 has been a particularly exciting year. The introduction of the Jobs tab on the mobile app has doubled the number of members viewing vacancies, and their new Spotlight feature allows members to indicate that they’re open to new opportunities, letting you prioritise potential candidates most likely to respond to your outreach efforts, undoubtedly saving you plenty of time and resource.

If you’re thinking about expanding your team, LinkedIn presents an increasingly effective way of attracting social media savvy applicants.

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