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Are you using Facebook for business? There are over one billion users on Facebook, so if not, you should seriously consider it as part of your social media marketing.

Facebook for business can reach out to your customers, build a following, drive traffic and increase sales. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful, and your business could become part of the billions of conversations that happen on the world’s biggest social network. Follow our useful steps below to start using Facebook for business:

Build your Page

To create a page from scratch, equip yourself with information about your business. Brand your page by utilising the Profile and Header images and fill in all the information – a concise and well-pitched ‘About’ section – making sure you include your website address. Upload a photo album of your service or product and a couple of well-constructed status updates.


Connect with your contacts

Once your Facebook for business page is branded and has a reasonable amount of content for users to browse, share it. Start with your friends, family and email contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for comments and take constructive criticism before going public. Then go all out, use the Promote and Advert features to really gather momentum.

Engage your audience

Once your following is established, make sure you regularly update your page with interesting and compelling content. You can introduce new products, share funny stories or talk about interesting events you have been to. Multi-faceted updates are a must: think photos, text, hyperlinks, videos and audio files. Ask questions or seek input, leak exclusives and specials on Facebook to encourage people to want to be part of your network. Conversation is a two-way thing so don’t forget to comment, like and share your contacts status updates, as well as those of your competitors and potential target audience.

Influence your wider network

Once your Facebook for business campaign has gathered pace, start using your well-established network to appeal to a wider audience. By encouraging people to interact with your page means that their activity will show up on their timeline and be visible to their friends. The power of word-of-mouth comes into play here, encouraging friends of friends to follow you.

Keep it fresh

Facebook for business should not be all about the hard sell. Facebook is a social network, people are interested in conversational updates and entertaining content so be original and creative.

For further information on creating a successful Facebook for business campaign, talk to SocialB, the Social Media experts.

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