Using Viral And Trending Topics To Your Brand’s Advantage

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Listening to conversations going on across social media is an essential part of social media marketing. As a company, you need to involve yourself in conversations that are already taking place around your brand or industry and, where relevant, react to current trending topics.

#thedress, #whiteandgold, #blackandblue, Dressgate

I’m sure you know what we are talking about already. The night that one girl’s tumblr snap went viral.

After 2 solid days and 10 million tweets from the public, politicians, celebrities, neuroscience and colour vision experts alike, we all now know that the dress is blue and black (yes, really) and the fuss has surrounding the dress itself has finally died down.

However, it didn’t end there. A number of high profile campaigns have begun to emerge following this viral debate. A few of which really caught our eye.

Xbox SpecsaversThere was the inevitable newsjacking from some companies unabashedly jumping on the hashtag as quickly as possible so as to catch people’ s eyes when they’re open widest. These from Xbox and Specsavers received a high level of engagement for their clever comedy value.

But one campaign really stood out for us. Rather than simply newsjacking content just to get their name in the mix, one charity took this debate and carefully constructed an ad campaign off the back of it; The Salvation Army

Historically, charities have been criticized and even penalized by the Advertising Standards Authority for their shock tactics in the media. This campaign is no different, having caused controversy amongst experts in the field for various reasons.

However, what we liked about this campaign is that it used the viral trending topic ‘#thedress’, and took it in a completely different direction.

The juxtaposition of the triviality of the dress next to the harsh reality of domestic abuse stimulates conversation. Whether Salvation army 3this conversation is addressing the right issues is something best left to the experts. However, most are in agreement that it is sparking awareness, which sparks conversation, which sparks questions.

The Salvation Army is not often widely covered in the media, but this poignant social media campaign has got everyone talking about them. Now that social media has played its part and directed traffic to them, where they take this attention next is pivotal.

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