Viral Marketing: How Can Your Content Get Contagious?

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Viral marketing are two words that get used a lot these days, but at the heart of viral marketing is simply great content, be this a blog, video, infographic or article. Creating that content is not always easy so here’s a few tips about how to make your content contagious.

Firstly, don’t create content for the sake of it, make sure you have something to say that’s interesting, witty or useful to your audience.  Going back to basics is a good place to begin, whether you are an experienced content writer or just starting out and writing your first blog.   The key to getting any content to go viral is to make your readers want to talk about it and more importantly, share it!

Making it easy for people to share your content via social networks and video channels is a must.  By promoting your content through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Linkedin, you can encourage shares and likes.  Bookmarking sites are also a good idea and don’t forget to syndicate your content through an RSS feed.

Search engines are keen on content that is being talked about and shared too, so keep SEO in mind when writing content or producing videos.  Enticing titles and clever descriptions can make a big difference.

Being consistent with blogging or adding videos also gives you a better chance when it comes to viral marketing.  By posting regularly, you retain subscribers and get new ones, which is the aim here.

Finally, keep in focus why as a business, you are producing content and understand your goals.  You should be adding value to existing customers, highlighting products or services, maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers, standing out from your competitors, attracting potential new customers and promoting your brand.

If your content achieves some of these points, then even if you don’t manage to hit the dizzy heights of going ‘viral’, you are doing something right. Viral marketing is more difficult than it looks, but when it works, you can really reap the benefits.

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