Ways to Use Twitter for Customer Service

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Who owns the social media channels for your business? If it is solely the marketing department responsible for social media communications then you are missing a big trick.  There is an expectation that customers can reach companies with customer support queries using a variety of channels – phone, email, and now via social media. Why is this important? For several reasons:

  • It is far easier to close a sale with retained customers than new ones.
  • 68% of customers stop purchasing from a company because of the perception that the company doesn’t care about them.
  • It is easier to upsell higher value goods to existing customers.

Your customers want to be able to use their usual routes of communications to talk to you and Twitter is part of their current online journey. There are different styles of customer services on Twitter you can adopt. Decide which one of these best suits your business:

1. Issues-basedVodafone Customer Services

Reactive customer services. Ideal for reducing call centre costs and to field queries and product feedback. Mobile phone companies have a reputation for long hold times in the complaint handling department. However the Vodafone UK Customer Services Twitter account is an example of a secondary route for customers which is there to show they care.

2. User Groups

Oracle Tech Network

To show you are a thought leader and supportive of enterprise, you can set up a Twitter account for end-users and encourage peer-to-peer collaboration. Users of your products/service ask questions and they are answered by the user-community. This is less time intensive internally and is a great listening tool too! Oracle’s Tech Network Twitter account is a best practice example of this.

3. Customer Services to UpsellFord Customer Service

If you have a company where there is a focus on after-care support and services, then you can have a customer support account which acts as an advertisement for that services function. Car dealerships are a great examples of this, where a lot of their money is made not just from car sales, but the servicing and vehicle parts. Ford is a good example as seen in the image here

What happens if you don’t want to communicate with your customers?!

Until last year, Ryanair has been very explicit that customer care is not top of their list due their lower than market average pricing. Ryanair therefore have not given a good level of customer service on platforms like Twitter, so customers set up their own customer service Twitter account! If you don’t set up a Twitter account with some customer service function, someone else might!

Ryan Air Customer Service

There is a big difference between Ryanair and Emirates for example who have gone the extra mile and set up a separate customer services Twitter account. The two companies’ difference in customer service and brand values is completely reflected in their Twitter presence.

Emirates Twitter Accounts

The benefits can be shown in your analytics:

1. Reduction in Costs

Check if there has been a reduction in your call centre or customer services calls since you started being active on Twitter. Social media customer service doesn’t have to be an additional cost, it can also be an enabler for saving money.

2. Sentiment Analysis

Do you have a brand with negative or mainly neutral sentiment results on Twitter? Better participation with your customers should see this area of your communications improve.

3. Lead Conversion

Ultimately, have your sales increased? If you are improving your customer service function, you should have happier customers that are easier to convert into repeat sales.

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