Web Copywriting: How To Make Your Words Shine

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In many modern businesses, web presence plays an important role in creating a channel of communication between yourselves and your customers. Whether social media platforms, blogs, or your own website, your words will convey a certain message to your readers. This is why SocialB – international award winning online marketing and social media experts – dedicate much of their time to teaching people web copywriting skills. Today on the blog, we provide you with a few key pointers on Web Copywriting: How to make your words shine.

Here are SocialB’s top three tips on Web Copywriting: How to make your words shine!

1. Establish a company style guide and tone of voice

Your web copywriting must be engaging and informative. Your writing should convey who you are, what you do and what it is that makes your business special. To make this easier, when regularly writing web copy, it is a good idea to create a style guide to decide upon your company’s tone of voice and online style.

For instance, if you are a law firm – traditionally considered to be staid and to talk in legal jargon – you may take a refreshing approach when writing for the web. You may decide that your style is conversational and direct, friendly but approachable – most definitely in the first person.

A quirky style is one adopted by Frank – a body scrub made from coffee grounds – they have created a character as if the product itself was talking which is both very clever and endearing. Think status updates such as: “I’m frank, coffee based skincare. Those are some pins I’d like to scrub.” Creating a character can actually make the web copywriter’s job easier. It becomes a storyline, rather than a daily task that takes a lot of effort of reinvention to keep the reader engaged.

2. Create a keyword list and use them in natural sentences

Work with your marketing team, or book yourself on an SEO course, and thoroughly research a list of keywords that you need to work towards to increase your SEO rankings. Few users click past the first page of Google anymore, so aim high!

Integrating SEO keywords into your text is tricky, but it is essential that the text sounds natural and the forced keywords go unnoticed. At SocialB we find it helpful work as a team and come up with some sentences that incorporate your key words in a natural way. Then, when you are stuck for time or feeling a little uninspired, you won’t have to rack your brains for slick ways to pack your web copywriting with keywords to make it shine.

3. Write with a purpose by focusing on an end goal

Our final tip harks back to those essay-writing days at college where every paragraph has to answer the question. When web copywriting to make your words shine, have in your mind exactly what your aim is for that piece. Is it to sell more of one product, to push traffic through to your Facebook page, or to inform your customers of a new product? All the time of course, thinking about your SEO ambitions. Put your goal for that piece at the top of your page in a bright, bold colour and when writing always look back to that goal and make sure your words are working towards that end.

All there is left to do know is to get writing! Did you find our blog “Web Copywriting: How to make your words shine” useful? Comment below to share your very own tips.

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