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There has been plenty of buzz happening in the social media world this week, centred primarily on Facebook. The social media giant has been surrounded in some controversy this week regarding a recent claim that it was out-videoing YouTube, which caused some to question how it determined its ‘views’ metric. However, there has also been some positive news around the platform this week, along with its subsidiary company, Instagram. Read on to find out more.

Instagram opens up Ads API to more brands

instagram ads update
Source – blog.business.instagram.com

Arguably the most exciting news from this week, Instagram has revealed that more brands are coming to its promoted posts. Previously, advertising on the app required a big budget and an invite. Now, however, the platform has announced that its Ads API will open up to businesses ‘large and small’.

Facebook revealed recently that Instagram has 300 million monthly users, which presents a fantastically broad and untouched user base for marketers to get stuck into.

As with all things Instagram, slow and steady wins the race, so the platform has only just begun opening up the Ads API to a select group of marketers, and plans to slowly expand.

This announcement has sparked speculation and concern; Instagram ads have been heavily controlled until this point as such have been consistently high quality. With more and more advertisers active on the platform, the quality of content could be detrimental, and alienate the platforms dedicated user base.

Facebook tests real-time content coverage with enhanced Place Tips

At U.S. music festival, Lollapalooza, Facebook has tested an expansion of ‘Place Tips’ with a new live streaming feature. A potential rival for Snapchat Discover and speculated as a pre-emptive trump card against Twitter’s Project Lightening, which is due to launch in the coming months.

Place Tips is a relatively new feature, which aimed to solve Facebook’s struggle to capture live content due to its News Feed Algorithm, which doesn’t show content as it happens, it shows content as it becomes relevant to a user. When initially launched, Place Tips required the user to be in the place where the event was taking place, and it only allowed them to discover what had taken place there in the past. However, this latest tweak means that users can keep up with an event from afar, as it is happening.

What we wonder is, does this signal bad news for Snapchat and Twitter? Once Facebook has got its toe in the water, it will take some strong swimming for them to keep their heads above water.

Facebook launches live streaming for influencers

fb live stream
Source – newsroom.fb.com

Not satisfied with delving into real-time content, Facebook has just joined the live-streaming game, taking on live-streaming front-runners Periscope and Meerkat. The timing of this release seems all too convenient, following a statement by Meerkat’s CEO that Facebook was more or less irrelevant, a statement which he later seemed to feel wasn’t exactly true, when Meerkat enabled Facebook support. We wonder what statements he is making following this launch…

This new feature, ‘Live’, has been added to Facebook Mentions, and it works (almost eyebrow-raisingly) similar to Twitter’s Periscope. The streams will show up in your News Feed if a celebrity you follow decides to live stream, what is more, if you have recently interacted with said celebrity’s page or a post, you will receive a notification that they have started streaming. Users can interact with these streams as with any regular Facebook post. These videos will then be saved to the celebrity’s page once the stream ends.

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