What Are Gmail Ads?

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Google has recently re-launched their Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) as Gmail Ads. GSPs which were earlier available in Beta are now available to all advertisers in the Adwords Platform as Gmail Ads.

For those who are new to Gmail Ads, here is a quick lowdown on what exactly are Gmail Ads.

Gmail Ads allow advertisers to connect with Gmail Users through a native ad format that is highly engaging. It gives advertisers advanced targeting options to reach out to new and existing customers. Advertisers can now set up Gmail Ads directly through Adwords and the ad will sit at the top of the promotions tab in Gmail as a collapsed ad unit.

Google will charge advertisers, each time a user expands a collapsed Ad. After that, it is an open playing field and advertisers can get as creative as they want with the ads to get the best response from their audience.

Why use Gmail Ads?

Gmail ads are similar to the Google Display Ads where the ads are shown to the user when they are not explicitly looking for your product or offer.

With over 900 million active Gmail users across the globe, Gmail Ads are a great way to reach out to your target audience.

According to Google, advertisers have reported high open rates using Gmail Ads and better campaign performance than traditional display ads.

You can use Gmail Ads to achieve your marketing goals such as:

  • Build Awareness about your brand and product offerings
  • Influence Consideration for your brand when customers are in the buying funnel
  • Reach the Target Audience with the help of advanced targeting features.
  • Drive Online Sales by directing people to your buying pages to increase conversions.
  • Grow Loyalty by offering discounts, freebies and other offers to your faithful customers.

Advanced Targeting

Gmail Ads are targeted towards an audience rather than a specific email subject.

The advanced targeting options available via Gmail Ads are similar to the Google Display Network options.

Advertisers can target users based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Topic/Affinity
  • Language
  • Geo
  • Keyword/Domain

Gmail Ads allow you to target your known customers, reach out to new customers and also reach out to customers that have a similar profile to your existing customers.

The interesting targeting option from the above list is the keyword/domain targeting. Advertisers can target people based on the keywords contained in their emails and also the domains that send out emails to these users. For eg: If you are a hotel, you can target people who have flight confirmation tickets to the destination where your hotel is located. This opens up limitless possibilities for advertisers to reach out to specific audiences.

Ad Format

The native ad sits as a collapsed ad on the promotions tab in Gmail.

Once the user clicks on the ad, it opens up an expanded ad creative in the email pane. Advertisers can choose from several customizable Gmail ads templates for the expanded ad unit. They can feature a single image, highlight a promotion that combines an image with a description and call-to-action button or showcase multiple products at once. Advertisers can also create their own ads rather than using the set templates.

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Just like Social Media Ads, engagement metrics are critical to evaluate the performance of a Gmail Ad. In addition to measuring sales and traffic, the number of forwards, saves, and clicks help us understand audience engagement with the Gmail ads.

The high level of advanced contextual targeting that Gmail Ads provides makes it a must have for the Advertisers.

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