What Are Pinterest’s Buyable Pins?

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In June 2015, Pinterest launched Buyable Pins for the US market and is set to launch the ‘buy button’ for the UK market soon.

To help you get ready with your shopping campaigns for 2016, SocialB experts are here to help you understand what exactly are Pinterest Buyable Pins and how you can use them to sell or buy via Pinterest.

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So what are Buyable Pins?

Buyable pins are a simple and secure way to simplify the shopping process for Pinterest users without actually having to leave the Pinterest app.

Shoppers can view products they like and buy them immediately with a single click of the “Buy It” button.

The Buying Process

Buyable pins are the ones with a blue price on them.

Pinners can use the Price filter to find products that meet their budget. Once they find a product of their choice, they can simply view the product details and tap the Buy It button.

Payment can be made via Apple Pay or a credit card.

The Selling Process

Pinterest has currently tied up with platforms like BigCommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, Magento and Shopify for buyable pins.

Small and medium businesses will need to use these platforms for selling via Pinterest. If you are a large organisation, you could tie up directly with Pinterest.

Cost to Seller

Pinterest isn’t currently charging merchants for this service. If buyable pins are available for your business, you can use it for free.

If you’re interested in getting Buyable Pins to sell your products, contact one of the platforms above or sign up for the waitlist at Pinterest and be among the first businesses in the UK to start selling directly on Pinterest.

For more tips on how to use Pinterest for your Business, please see our Pinterest blog articles.

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