How You Can Maximise The Benefit Of Twitter Lists

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Twitter-798x310At SocialB, we’re always on the lookout for top Twitter time-savers that also give you a real advantage when it comes to reaching your target audiences. It’s Twitter Lists that we think are hidden gems for anyone whose time is tight. Focus your energies when you get that rare moment in the day to tweet, follow or flick through overstuffed newsfeeds by exploring and creating Twitter Lists.

So what are Twitter Lists? Think of them as folders for useful Twitter accounts you’ve discovered. It’s a lot like using bookmarks only with a twist. Once you’ve created a few lists – say you decide to collect the accounts of your friends, colleagues and celebrities – you can view a newsfeed containing only the tweets posted by those individuals. To add Twitter lists to your profile enter the following in your browser:[Your Twitter Name]/lists

From here you can create lists and view those you’ve already created. Intrigued? It doesn’t end there. Here are SocialB’s 5 ways to using Twitter Lists to your advantage.

1. Catalogue contacts, leads and competitors

Think of your Twitter Lists as an extension of your CRM system for your business. It’s your little black book of handy people to know and prospective customers. With the tailored newsfeed that Twitter provides with each list you can view a list of competitors and their tweets so that you can stay one step ahead or get stuck into some market research. See if any of the people you’re following have existing lists you can use to find new leads. You have the option to set your list up as private if you’d like to keep your contacts confidential.

2. Decluttering your Twitter feeds, focusing your reading

You may be keen to pick up the latest insights from experts in your field, news of political or technological developments that could impact your business or simply make life easier. With carefully constructed lists you can allocate time to focussing on one subject at a time rather than a sea of disparate tweets.

3. Super slick monitoring via tools like Hootsuite

Ever evolving social media tools such as Hootsuite is right here to help you bring a whole suite of lists into your dashboard if you already use one to pull the many strands of your online social presence together.

4. Go public – share and be seen on recommended Twitter account lists

Another really useful feature of lists is that they each have their own URL. Simply open the list in your browser via Twitter and copy the URL that appears in the address bar. You know have an embeddable or linkable list you can share on your website, with your staff or on other social media profiles. Show how well connected and knowledgeable you are by making your lists available to others. Ask to be added to the lists being made by thought leaders in your industry.

5. Unite your team around a Twitter list

For events, forming teams or shaping new ventures you can keep everyone in touch with a Twitter list. Share the link to your list as a central place to find the people and tweets that matter to your group or the people attending an upcoming conference for example.

Starting to imagine how you’ll organise your collection of Twitter lists? How are you planning to use them? Tweet us @SocialBuk and let us know!

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