What The ‘Buy Now’ Button Means For Google Shopping

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Speaking at a recent conference in California, Google’s chief business officer, Omid Kordestani announced that they plan to add a ‘buy’ button to its Shopping Ads.

The ads will likely appear under a “Shop With Google” heading, and initially, this buy button will only be available in the US and only in mobile devices. The shopping experience will be through Google but with the branding of each specific business.

Clicking the Buy Now button next to a Google shopping search result will link to a Google transaction page to complete the purchase and enter specific details. Retailers will be in control of customer information which is captured in this process, including email addresses, and handle postage themselves.

Their aim is in the future to roll out the buy button to desktop searches as well and across more markets throughout the world.

If the button shows good results it will certainly encourage more retailers to offer Shopping Ads as a way to drive more transactions online. This will potentially mean three things:

1. Easier Sales On Mobiles

Mobile internet usage continues to increase rapidly, and the new “Buy” button is said to be initially limited to mobile search results. This makes mobile online shopping easier increasing conversions and resulting in more overall sales.

2. More Payment Options

Google is planning to accept different forms of payment options in addition to credit cards. If those options include Apple Pay, Google Wallet or PayPal, consumers who prefer those payment options might be more inclined to buy, which can increase the number of buyers and the number of retailers using Google Shopping.

3. Intact Margins

Amazon and eBay have huge success with online shopping, but they take a percentage of each sale, something that doesn’t appeal to many retailers.

Google’s new mobile shopping program will reportedly keep to Google’s existing advertising model, where retailers pay for clicks (in this case, clicks on the “Buy” button in their product ads), which most large retailers are used to and accept.

With Google’s buy button announcement comes a reminder to online retailers of the importance of mobile commerce and having their websites well optimized for mobiles phones.

Whether making the complete purchase online or browsing for the perfect product, shoppers are set to increase their reliance on mobile and tablet devices and savvy ecommerce marketers will invest in the strategy and technologies to make for a great online user experience for their customers.

The addition of this button will encourage internet users to stay within Google’s own web pages, rather than exiting to an external site. Whilst this may seem a point of concern for e-commerce retailers, it should be seen as a positive, as it means the customer purchase journey will be much smoother and each Google shopping purchase will be uniform. As such, retailers will hopefully lose less customers throughout the checkout process, which is a common issue for e-commerce retailers.

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