What is LinkedIn Pulse and how it can benefit business

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LinkedinLast year Linkedin has abandoned its news aggregator Linkedin Today and welcomed its award-winning RSS App, Pulse. In a nutshell, Linkedin Pulse is an application for Android, iOS and HTML5 browsers that allows you to receive tailored news based on your preferences and interests.

You can customise your reading experience, find and read everyday fresh and personalised professional content, and share it on other social media networks.

It’s a great way to find and read relevant content from trusted sources, bloggers, and influencers.

So how can it benefit a business?

If you have a business blog then you’re considered a publisher and you can take advantage of Linkedin Pulse.

Earlier this year, Linkedin opened up this publishing platform to all its members, and now everyone can apply to publish articles on Linkedin.

We can see 3 major benefits of publishing into Linkedin Pulse:

1. More viewers and potential leads and clients

Even first time writers are able to get featured on this app and this means getting ten thousand views or more.

If you have articles that are really interesting and deliver real value to your audience, all these views can possibly mean having hundreds of likes, shares, getting new followers on your company page and potentially new leads and clients.

2. Brand awareness and reputation

Linkedin Pulse has a strong reputation for delivering great articles from top publishers and influencers.
The more you publish your articles and get your audience’s attention, the more you’re increasing your brand awareness and your reputation as an expert, which can help you reach more potential clients.

One article that can take a long time to get views on your website’s blog, can easily get hundreds of views using Linkedin Pulse.
And on the long run Linkedin can even label you as an influencer, which means getting your posts featured more often.

3. Link to your website

Publishing your articles on Linkedin gives you the opportunity to drive some traffic to your website.

For many companies that use Linkedin Pulse, it has generated a significant increase in website visitors. So it’s important that you link your articles to your website, either to your blog or to some specific landing pages that are related to the topic you’re writing about.

Just don’t do it in a “salesy” way, do it naturally and linking to content on your website that is really relevant to the topic you’re discussing in your article.

You can even link to your other social media sites if you wish to attract more followers on those sites.

Choose your topics well

In order to be successful using Linkedin Pulse, you must remember to choose your topics wisely.

Linkedin’s audience is composed of business minded professionals and career-oriented people who are interested in specific topics in specific industries.

Do your search and find which topics your audience finds more interesting on Linkedin.

For example, a popular discussion around a topic in a Linkedin industry group that are having hundreds of comments can very well be a good idea for an article around the same topic…

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