What Is Remarketing And How Does It Work?

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If you have been browsing a website and then move to another site, perform a search or take a look at your emails and see an advert for the exact products you have just been browsing and wondered why and how – well that’s remarketing.

Remarketing helps website owners to reach people who have visited their website or used an app. As a previous visitor to a website, you will be shown those remarketing ads as you search in Google or browse other websites.

Think of it as a clever and powerful reminder to customers, which is highly relevant and hitting your target audience right between the eyes – literally.

Great for Brand Building & Awareness

Remarketing ads are available in different formats from text ads to image and video ads to really grab visitors attention. If you want to keep your products in front of customers and encourage them to buy, remarketing gives users a gentle reminder to finish what they started on your site while it also reinforces your brand. Raising brand awareness lets people get to know you and trust you, which means they are much more likely to buy from you.

Better Conversion Rates

We all lead busy lives and have many different things all happening at the same time these days and this is why remarketing works well. How many times do you get interrupted while in the middle of browsing or trying to purchase something online? Remarketing takes you directly to what you were doing when you next get a free moment to continue browsing, finish the buying process and checkout.

Cost Effective & Improved ROI

Whilst nothing is a sure bet in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the cost of remarketing is relatively affordable and offers a good ROI. Although this shouldn’t come as a surprise, bearing in mind that the visitors you are targeting have already shown an interest in your company, products or services.

Remarketing with Google Ads

As long as you understand the basics of remarketing, you can set up your own ads and whilst there are other remarketing platforms, if you have a Google AdWords account that is a good place to start. All you need to do is add the remarketing tag to your website pages, build your ads, set up your campaign and you are ready to go. The Google Display Network offers the greatest reach for remarketing campaigns but Facebook is also worth looking at.

Remarketing is another tool to work alongside your paid search, SEO, social media and content marketing and captures those visitors who otherwise may walk away or move onto the next website.

We would love to hear your remarketing success stories or if you want some further advice, contact our team for a chat about setting up a remarketing campaign for your business.

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