What Is The Farming Selfie And How Can You Use It?

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Social media strategyIf you are yet to discover the ‘selfie’ and you spend every hour you have to keep a farm operating, you’ve a great opportunity to have some fun with the camera on your mobile phone. It can be a lot more than just a laugh. #Felfies are taking on a life of their own – connecting farming communities, tackling issues head on and encouraging collaboration.

You can see an impressive collection of these personal portraits in action on a dedicated #felfie site: farmingselfies.com. By putting a hashtag symbol in front of the word #felfie and posting it online, people all over the world can find your picture on most of the social networks, especially Twitter.

Here are just some of the ways you can use a #felfie to make a positive impact on your farm and the wider farming world.

Share the wider picture of farming

What people see in the fields or at country shows is just the tip of the iceberg. Why not show some of the lesser known parts of everyday life on your farm? You’d be surprised how little of the news about recent exciting developments in farming technologies and agriculture practises reaches the public.

Raise your profile

If you’re looking for your first job in agriculture or want to show how you’ve driven change at the farm you already work at, use your #felfie as a medium to show what you’ve achieved, are working on, or are planning to put into action. Create a #felfie album that you can use it an online portfolio to share with key industry influencers. Highlight an issue or share a future solution and get immediate feedback.

Show your human side

Perceptions of farmers range widely from those who work in agriculture businesses to the audience of the BBC’s Countryfile who get new insights every week, or those who only see you when they sit behind your farm vehicles on the road. Social media is all about people sharing updates with people – and this is also extra important when your aim is to interact on a business-to-business basis. Customers and clients buy from real people. If you show who you are and what you are about in a few #felfies, you’ll be amazed at the positive responses that you can receive – as well as the potential leads.

Be a social media champion amongst the other farmers you know

Those of you that have been put off using social media because you contemporaries are yet to take the plunge, why not be the pioneer? Lead by example and show them what you’ve been able to achieve with your #felfies and other posts. Too shy? What about your yard full of budding #felfie stars? Involve your employees and your livestock!  If you have time, grab a cuppa and show your friends how to set up an account and load photos from their phone to their PC.

So when you’re out in the yard or heading out to the field tomorrow, why not capture a moment in the life of your farm? What are you currently harvesting? What preparations are you making for the coming season? Any new arrivals? Bought yourself a flash new bit of kit? Snap yourself in thick of it and see where your #felfies take you!

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