What Should You Be Measuring In Twitter Analytics?

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What should you be measuring in Twitter analyticsAs one of the leading and most widely used business social media platforms, Twitter users send over 500 million tweets a day. Using Twitter for business is a great online marketing tool, but unless you are measuring your social media efforts how do you know if you are getting it right.

Twitter analytics have been around for a while but Twitter is constantly reviewing and rolling out improved and new features to help us monitor and learn from our past tweets. You can then feed this into your Twitter strategy and planning for the future.

Twitter Account Overview

Many social media analytics tools can be overwhelming when you first log in, but even if you are new to Twitter analytics, your Account Home page has a simple and clear layout and offers an easy to understand overview of your activity. Based on a 28 day period, you can see whether your account has seen increases or decreases in tweets sent, impressions, profile visits, mentions and followers.

Tweet Highlights

Below this you will see your Tweet Highlights for the month which show your Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower and Top Media Tweet. You can further drill down into these by clicking on “View Tweet Activity” to see the engagement, link clicks and likes of these top tweets. This demonstrates which of your tweets are working and what your followers are engaging with.

To uncover and connect with influencers simply encourage relationships with your Top Followers and Top Mentions by engaging in conversations to further show that you are interested in what they have to say as well as promoting your Twitter account.

Scrolling further down the page you can see the same information for each month. As a minimum, you should be monitoring these basic Twitter measurements on a monthly basis to see how your account is performing and taking direction from this.

Tweet Activity

You can see all your tweets and the number of impressions, engagement and engagement rate under this tab. You can also export this data if you need a report.

Understanding your Followers

Audience Insights in Twitter Analytics shows a raft of information about the people who are on Twitter including your followers, from their interests and lifestyle to demographics. This can be helpful if you are looking to promote your products, services or brand on Twitter as it gives you some idea of where and who to target when setting up campaigns.

Knowing these simple Twitter statistics will help your business grow on social media. Having the ability to analyse and track your tweets allows you to find out what your audience is most receptive to, what kind of content they enjoy reading and how they connect with you.

Take a look at your Twitter Analytics and see what it says about your tweets. It wont cost you a penny as Twitter provide all this information for free. If you are interested in learning more about Twitter Analytics, our social media training experts are available to have a chat and see how Twitter can help your business grow.

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