What Type Of Content Works On Your LinkedIn Company Page?

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LinkedinGreat LinkedIn company page posts will differ from the sort of copy you may have prepared for your website or offline newsletters in the past. The punchy, targeted status updates that get the best engagement are the result of a combination of strategic, well researched, well-timed messages and tactical interactions that show off how keen a business is to bond genuinely with members of the LinkedIn community. So what sort of content should you deliver in your LinkedIn company page to reach this sweet spot between simply broadcasting and capturing the imagination of important audiences?

Let your audience guide your choice of material

As with all solid social media strategies, preparing content for LinkedIn company pages that strikes a chord with the target audience is very reliant on knowing the personas of the people you’d like to reach. Some of the best inspiration you can find when you are yet to try out your own material on LinkedIn is to review the pages of your competitors or join groups with like-minded members. It’s a great way to get your tone, mix of video and other media to fit well with audiences from the off.

Include some tried and tested content types that work across industry sectors

To raise the profile of your company or expert staff you employ, include breaking news and trends from your sector. Build your reputation as the go-to company page for insights.

Share your achievements, milestones and other news. Help people understand what makes your business tick and how you are developing your services or products to meet their needs.

Let people have the backstage tour before they make a face-to-face visit. Classic features like ‘meet the team’, videos that give a tour of your offices or give information for potential employees still add a much needed human touch to digital platforms like LinkedIn. Remember not to appear so corporate and formal that it becomes hard for audiences to bond with you.

LinkedIn company page status updates can work wonders when it comes to search engine optimisation so put some thought into phrasing and keywords when editing up prospective posts.

Ask questions, involve your readers or hold contests to stir up additional interest and learn more about the people who are visiting your page.

Share tips that could make an immediate difference to a reader’s working day or home life

It’s important not to start the taxi meter running before imparting snippets of advice. Even if your core product is paid for advice, tip posting provides the ‘try before you buy’ factor that builds customer confidence. If this advice fits cleverly with topical or seasonal events and uses video or grabby imagery it’s likely to travel beyond your company page and out into wider circles. Make sure you and your staff share it on their personal LinkedIn accounts to get the best reach.

Have fun!

If you’re enjoying the writing and composition on your posts it will shine through to the people viewing them. If you’re dreading writing your next company update, bring in some fresh writing talent from your workforce, or guest posters from your supply chain. Keep it vibrant and prepare for each interaction to get the most impact you can, without boring your readers with long brochure-like paragraphs.

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