What Will The Facebook News Feed Update Mean For Businesses?

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Facebook was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family, which is the driving principle of the News Feed. Facebook’s main priority is to keep you connected with your people, places and things you like, starting with the friends you have on the Social Media platform.

What Will The Facebook News Feed Update Mean For Businesses-

Friends and Family Come First

Even with previous changes to ensure stories posted by people you are connected with will be higher up, the Facebook community is still worried about missing important updates such as pictures or videos from people on their friendslist. Facebook has listened and is now updating the News Feed so the things posted by your friends and family you care about will be prioritized.

To make sure people don’t miss posts from the friends and family they are more interested in, their posts can be found closer to the top of your News Feed. Facebook is constantly learning and adapting around their users, e.g. if you like the videos your brother’s posts, the platform will start putting their videos closer to the top of your feed so you won’t miss anything.

How should your feed be like?

There are two things the Facebook community expects on their News Feed, informative and entertaining content. Stories that are meaningful to them which also offer some sort of value as well as a source of entertainment. These stories can range from various topics, your favourite celebrity, local news to a recipe and much more. Authentic stories are the ones that resonate the most, being misleading or spammy in any way will not benefit your business. It will not work in your favour if your Facebook strategy is to solely push people to buy a product, install an app, push them to enter promotions with no real context or reuse content from ads

It’s important to keep in mind that what a group of people might find interesting, another group might not.

Will This Impact My Page?

The impact of the latest changes on your page’s distribution will vary substantially depending on the structure of your activity and audience according to Facebook. For some pages, post reach and referral traffic could drop. It’s important to continue posting things that audience finds meaningful and refer to Facebook’s best practices. In order to be successful, you will need to focus on posting about things that your audience finds meaningful and valuable.

Remember that people on Facebook don’t want to be sold things, they are interested in helpful, fun and imaginative interaction. If your Page is posting the same thing over and over again you will find little success on the social media platform as you’re not listening to your audience. The effect of the latest Facebook update solely depends on your approach to your audience.

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