What Does Your Audience Want To See On Your Blog?

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Sometimes, updating your blog can feel like throwing a message in a bottle out into the sea. Will it attract anyone’s attention? Will they respond? We’d like to reassure you that blogging can be very worthwhile for building customer rapport and improving SEO success. It’s worth asking yourself what your audience would like you to write on your blog.

Become an expert on your readers – what’s important to them?

If there’s a chance to meet your readers face to face that’s fantastic. You can ask them directly what they’d put at the top of their want list. Most of us however, will need to do some detective work. Look at your recent website, blog and social media stats. The types of content that have attracted the most visits and engagement are a great indication of what your audience would like you to write on your blog. See how your competitors are tackling the same challenge. Now it’s time to present some new material and experiment to fine tune your understanding of what makes you readers tick.

Create your blog post hot list

Identify some priority subjects to inform and entertain your readers.

Set out the key messages you need to convey about upcoming offers, new products, and insights behind the scenes. Consider targeting a range of customer segments with dedicated posts.

Use a calendar to plot out the best times for your priority blogs to be shared. Don’t forget the influence, on your readers and content, of public or school holidays, seasonal weather conditions and the key milestones in the financial year.

Join forces to craft your content

Collaborate with the people in your business who interact with your customers every day. Let them guide your choice of language and tone to reflect the voice of new and existing clients. Get together to review submissions to make sure they fit with your chosen tone and target customer segments. You might find a keen writer amongst your team who would be delighted to guest blog or refine the blog subject into a structure. It’s also worth testing the keywords in your blog headline using tools like Google Keyword Planner so that your title stands out in the vast ocean of the blogosphere.

Add some sparkle

Take pictures within your business or in your local area as they really do say so much more than even the most talented copywriter is able to pack into the average paragraph.

Ask yourself if the look of your blog matches the sort of enterprise and culture you’ve developed as a business?

Show off your handy work. Share your blog post on your social media accounts, website, and search engines. Link to it in your email newsletters out to customers.


You’ll never stop learning about your audience. Their preferences and needs will shift and evolve. Show an interest, reflect on your blog writing regularly in light of data you have about engagement. What your audience would like you to write on your blog will become much less of a mystery with a healthy curiosity, time, and plenty of practice.

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