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SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 13 Sep 2017 by Shima Khanea
Paid Search (PPC)

Google AdWords never stands still but last month saw a raft of new features and reports added to the new AdWords experience to help paid search marketers improve, control and monitor their PPC and Google Shopping efforts better.

Top Spot Shopping Ad Report

The latest report in the arsenal of reports available from AdWords is a product status report and absolute top impression share to help recover potentially lost Shopping traffic. If your Shopping campaign includes products not eligible to serve, this new diagnostics report in the products page helps identify your aggregate product status, like products ‘ready to serve’ or ‘disapproved.’

There is also a new metric which shows how often your Shopping ad is in the top spot. To see the percentage of time you’re showing in the top position, you can use absolute top impression share which tells you the number of “absolute top” impressions you received in Shopping results over the total times you could’ve been in the top impression.

Landing Page Performance

Also available in the new AdWords experience, advertisers will be able to get insights on their various landing pages in one place. The new landing page screen is similar to the ads and keywords pages. Landing pages are essential to turn visitors into customers and the aim is to help advertisers optimise for better user experiences and improve ad performance, particularly on mobile.

New Searches Card

Added this month to the Overview page in the new AdWords experience are Searches Cards. These allow you to quickly act on rising search trends using these new Searches card to see which words your customers are using to search for you on Google.com. Then you can refine your PPC keywords for better performance, creating a new ad group or add keywords based on up and coming trends.

Scatter Charts

Within Report Editor you can now see the relationship and compare two metrics using scatter charts. In addition to the Table, Line chart, Bar chart and Pie chart options, you’ll now also find scatter charts, which are another easily observed visual and straightforward chart to analyse two variables within your Google Adwords campaigns.

That’s what we know so far but going forward, you can expect Google to keep rolling out additional features in the new AdWords Experience instead of the current interface. If you’d like help with the new AdWords Experience or just want to know how to get the most out of your paid advertising, our Google qualified experts are always on hand.

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