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Facebook on iphoneTracking and analysing your Facebook efforts and results should be a huge part of your social media strategy. It’s only when you know what is working and not working that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Facebook Insights can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, with its terminology and various different features: should you check everything in your Facebook Analytics, or just a few metrics? The answer to that largely relies on your business and marketing goals for using Facebook, but there are 4 metrics that you should definitely pay attention to:

1. Engagement

You will find this metric in Insights > Overview. Engagement is the number of people who clicked anywhere in your post, that have interacted with your content.

This includes liking, commenting and sharing, and people who’ve viewed your video or clicked on your links and photos. It also includes people who’ve clicked on a commentator’s name, liked a comment, clicked on your page name and even gave negative feedback.

The engagement rate is important to measure, because this is what social media is all about: interaction and engagement! You don’t just want for your updates to be viewed. You want people to act on it and show interest.

The only way to compare a post engagement metric with your other posts is to create a percentage. This gives you a number that you can use to benchmark the performance of each of your posts.

2. Fan Reach

You will find this metric in Insights > People > People Reached. Fan reach corresponds to the number of fans of your Page who have seen any given post. This is one of the most important metrics. It helps you measure the appeal of your content to your audience and appreciate the quality of your audience.

Fan reach is a key indicator of the health of your Facebook Page. The higher the quality of your audience and the more interesting your content, the more fans (and potential fans) you will reach.

3. Click-Through Rate

You will find this metric in Insights > Posts. Click-through rates tell you the number of people who have clicked on a link in your content, watched your video or viewed a larger version of your photo.

If the content is a link, it will be named “Link Clicks;” if it is a video, it will be labeled “Video Plays;” if it is a photo, it’ll read “Photo Views.”

The click-through metric is the bottom of your content quality funnel. Keep an eye on it to see what type of content is working best.

4. Organic reach

You will find this metric in Insights > Overview. Organic reach corresponds with the number of people, fans and non-fans, who have seen any given post.

The difference between the fan reach and this metric is that the organic reach includes views of people that are not fans of the page but have directly accessed it or seen its content elsewhere (for example, a “like box” on your site or blog).

Your organic reach metrics can help you identify ways to improve your content’s organic visibility. For example, when organic reach is very close to fan reach, it usually means that people cannot be exposed to your content if they are not already fans. This could be the consequence of a lack of proper communication about your page on your other marketing channels and a good opportunity to attract non-fan audience to your content on Facebook.


What metrics define success in line with your social media marketing goals and objectives? Are you measuring them? Let us know in the comments below, or why not tweet us @SocialBuk.

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