Which Departments Should Be On Social Media?

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When thinking about getting your business visible on social media, it can be a minefield choosing who would be best to represent your company online. We train businesses of all sizes across the world and there’s no exact science for who you should let loose on the company Twitter or Facebook. But there are some guidelines to help you start the decision process.

The main aim of your Marketing Team is to get your business in front of the right people – via various different methods. Adding Social Media to these methods makes sense for most businesses as you can approach your audience in their natural habitat. The main social media platforms are free to sign up and use – but creating engaging content does take time. Bear in mind that to be as efficient as possible, your staff will need a plan and maybe some training. Management will always want a detailed report of where your time is going – so make sure you understand how to measure your activity and justify your efforts.


To reach new markets, your Sales and Business Development teams should be on social media. If a new supplier is talking to your best salesperson, they may want to check their credentials on your website or LinkedIn. Make sure that an individual is searchable in this way, this will further confirm their credibility.

When your customers have a question, will they take to social media? The bigger brands all have separate Customer Service Channels to deal with questions on existing orders or from prospective customers. You know your customers better than anyone – would they take their problems to social media? Or would they write you excellent reviews on your products for everyone to see? These particular channels are time-consuming as customers will want an answer to their queries sooner rather than later. Do you have the resources to monitor your social media all week?

Who is the face of your business? Within some businesses, the Owner or MD is more well-known than the business itself. If your Managing Director is often networking or speaking at events, they could have their own social media profile or blog to post about where they have been. A figurehead like this could also post opinion pieces and become a thought leader in your industry. Setting up a Twitter profile for your MD may be an excellent way to bridge the gap back to your business brand.

Anyone with hiring power should also have social media access. Your HR department may be responsible for attracting the best talent to your business and this can be done via social media. Even though LinkedIn is the best social media platform to do this, it is a crowded place. Having a clear strategy of how you want to your brand to be represented to new talent is key. You are competing against businesses in your industry as well as recruitment agencies for candidates’ attention. There needs to be clear goals in place regarding your activity on social media for recruitment.

Ultimately, anyone who is keen to promote the business that they work for should have social media access. But they will need guidance. Just knowing how Facebook works won’t cut it anymore. So many brands are now on social media that you need to know why you are there to compete fully. Each of your departments wants to be on social media for different reasons so we have courses tailored for different business sectors.

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We can also custom-build a training course to suit your individual business objectives – just get in touch to discuss further!

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