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Why Email Marketing Personalisation Is More Than Just A Name

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 14 Apr 2014 by SocialB
Email Marketing

Email marketing can be such a powerful tool if used properly. The problem a lot of people have with the emails they receive from brands is that they’re just not relevant or tailored to that person’s interests.

It’s easy to send out newsletters that address the user by their first name but email marketing personalisation is so much more than that.

Speak to each reader as if they’re the only one

Instead of writing in a way that reminds people this is a newsletter, try and make the copy more personal. This is as simple as a clever choice of works. Imagine you’re talking or writing to one individual. Use ‘you’ wherever possible.

Make it a conversation

If your email marketing gives value to your reader rather than going on the hard-sell then they are going to feel like the communication is more personal. Invite the customer’s feedback too, as we all like to get involved!

Tailor each email to the recipient

Depending on the email software you use, it should be very easy for you to tailor the emails you send to the recipient’s profiles. You can use information you’ve collected such as sign up data, buying habits and so on to make sure each customer gets an email they will truly be interested in.

If you are a clothing retailer, there’s no point in sending a newsletter about kids clothes to someone who doesn’t have children.

In tailoring your emails, customers will know they’re going to see something they’re interested in and that means they’re more likely to buy from you. Perhaps recommend similar products, or let customers know when an item they’ve been looking at has been reduced.

Gather more information

When encouraging people to sign up for your newsletter, ask for a little bit more information. If you have different areas of interest within your business (for example, men’s clothing and women’s clothing) ask that person which newsletter they’d like to receive. It’s also good to ask how often a customer would like to hear from you.

You can also add optional fields for things like location, age and so on.

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