Why Every Business Needs A Link Building Strategy

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Link building has been an important part of SEO since ranking on Google started to be really key for any website.

It is a tactic which can help drive targeted traffic to your site while at the same time building your site’s authority, and that’s why it is so important that every business has a link building strategy.

Link building is about having links pointing to your website in other relevant and related websites. There are two types of link building: the one that is obtained (free or paid) and the one that is organic where another website simply links to you just because you have amazing and helpful content on your website.

Although you can spend some time obtaining links yourself, organic link building is the best way to obtain links that will really help you in the long term. Search engines like a strong and natural link profile because a link from an authoritative site acts as a vote of confidence.

So, in order to please Google (and your audience as well) your organic link building strategy should be focused on creating great and strong content on an on-going basis. Content that is good begs to be shared!

Here are a few things to consider when creating your link building strategy:

  • Have a Blog

A blog is a great way to attract visitors to your website, keep your website with fresh content, add links in the text and also to create great and interesting content that can be easily shared by your readers.

  • Add share buttons

Add share buttons on your website, not only on each blog article but also on other locations of your website where you have content that is interesting to be shared. This helps your visitors to share your content on their social media profiles.

  • Be on Social Media

As well as creating great content, you also need to spread it in order to reach your targeted audience and social media is a great place to do that since it lives and breaths great content. If you have amazing content to deliver, it can be easily shared by others not only on social media but on other websites as well.

  • Connect with Industry Influencers

Connecting with industry influencers is not only a great marketing strategy but it can help you gain valuable links too. If you have strong content and capture the attention of an industry influencer (journalist, blogger, speaker, etc) it might happen that you get a link to your content on their authority site or even be asked to write a guest post on their authority blog which can contain a link to your website.

  • Add your keywords

Each and every piece of content you create (being a blog post or a Twitter update) should have the relevant keywords that make sure it will reach your desired audience and drives traffic to your website.

All of these tactics together with delivering great content and a tailored link building strategy can help you grow your business, be seen as a trusted and authoritative figure in your own right, and yes – attract more links.

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