Why Every Healthcare Business Needs A Link Building Strategy

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social media trainingHealthcare has always been a competitive sector and nowadays tactics like social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) are key to any healthcare business that wants to reach a wider audience and be ahead of their competitors.

One big component of SEO and social media is link building. It is of great benefit to start organic link building (winning links due to great content) or implementing a proactive link building plan focused on getting high-quality links that point to your website. Link building has many different tactics and approaches, and many advantages too. That is why investing in a tailored link building strategy is a great idea to boost your online presence.

Here Are 5 Great Benefits Of Link Building To The Healthcare Sector:

  • Bringing targeted visitors to your site

Through gaining high-quality links, they will work by bringing targeted visitors to your site as well as significant traffic. You know they’re targeted visitors and potential customers because they saw your links in a relevant website or blog post about your products or services, and clicked on it.

So for example, if you work in the cosmetic surgery sector and you get a link from a popular blog on this sector or someone reads an authoritative article about you in a good reputation online newspaper, you’re going to have many people that will find your link and click through to your site.

  • Establishing you as a leader in your niche

In the healthcare sector, there are many niche websites, blogs, social media networks, news sites, magazines, discussion groups, forums and much more that your potential customers use on a daily basis.

Many of those sites are leaders in their niche and have established themselves a great reputation in the market. This means that your potential customers also use these sites to research the best products and services and companies in the sector. If they see links to your site there, they’ll think of you as a leader in your market and will want to find out more about you.

  • Networking

Networking and word-of-mouth is big on the healthcare sector and link building can be a great way to connect you with influencers and leaders that will help you on that.

When you gain a new link, it’s because someone has taken the time to see value in what you do. Make sure you connect with that person and build a strong relationship that can be really valuable in the future; like being invited to write a guest blog post in an authoritative site, with more links pointing to your site.

Get to know the people behind the sites that link to you, strengthen your personal networks and increase your chances of success. Reach out to build mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Improve your search engine rankings

Link Building has long been a great strategy to improve your search engine rankings. As many studies prove that more than 87% of people that do searches on Google never pass the first page of results, it is really important for your website to rank well so you can get visibility and targeted traffic.

Inbound links to your site are the most important factor determining the position of your site’s pages on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It used to be quite easy to achieve search engine success with low-quality links. But Google now penalises sites with low-quality links and values high-quality ones.

Google, of course, recognises social signals and social media has made link building so much easier. Now you can build social relationships with prospects before you approach them. And once you’ve built your fans and followers to a reasonable level, you have an immediate channel for sharing and promoting your latest quality posts.

  • Attracting more quality links

High-quality links are hard to get on every sector, but as you start to get them based on delivering high-quality content and building your online reputation, you start to get links without even asking for them.

Once you’re seen as a market leader and featuring on those authoritative niche websites described above, other sites will want to write about you, comment on your products or services and link to you.

You’ll be seen by industry influencers, bloggers, and journalists researching for “sources” for opinion and insights. If they come across your name, it increases the chances they’ll contact you and add links to you.

  • Conclusion

Working in the healthcare business, there will be numerous opportunities to gain valuable links. Make sure though that you have a great website waiting to receive all the traffic and convert visitors into customers!

Now that you know the benefits of having an on-going link building strategy you can start developing a tailored plan that works for you.

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