Why Every Retail Business Should Be Blogging (2018 Edition)

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For a busy retail business, blogging may seem like one more task to add to an already lengthy to-do list. Yet the benefits it brings are well worth the time and effort. Blogging can build your audience, generate increased traffic and boost sales. As such, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Rather an integral element of your digital marketing strategy.

Rack up your ranking

Blogging is invaluable. Particularly in terms of SEO. It creates more pages for your site, which means more internal links to direct visitors to your homepage. Ensure you have an enticing homepage and visitors should be tempted to stick around and explore. A key part of SEO success is to ensure that you have quality links to your website. A good retail blog can be used to link to product pages, helping to create strong internal links.

Similarly, maintaining a blog demonstrates that your site is regularly updated. Search engines track these changes. Each new page is an indication that your site is active and such activity is rewarded with higher search engine rankings.

Blogging also provides the ideal opportunity to employ the keywords and key phrases that your customers are using. This results in more searchable content and increased opportunities for your website to be found.

Good quality blog content is of the utmost importance. Interesting and inspiring content will attract a wider audience with a greater likelihood of being shared. When an article is shared on social media, external links are created. Again the more links that are generated back to your site, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines.

Create connections

E-commerce means that retail is much more disconnected than it used to be. However, blogging provides a platform to help reconnect with customers. Blogs offer an ideal way to share the human stories behind the scenes and to present a brand personality. Blogging allows a business to create connections with its customers.

In a competitive retail market, it gives you the opportunity to inspire confidence in your customers. Appealing to the interests and consumer preferences of your client base enables you to build an audience of repeat buyers.

Cultivate credibility

A successful blog can enhance your business credibility and thereby, attract more attention to your products. It’s important to be an expert in your field and to showcase your knowledge. Informative blogs, both about the products you sell and about wider industry trends and ideas, will affirm your expertise and boost your reputation as a thought leader.

Ensure your blog regularly with thought-provoking content and your audience will see you as an active and trusted authority. Create a community and connect with it. This engagement will encourage customers to put their trust in your products. It’s also important to share your inspirations. Writing positively about other people’s products or collaborating with other companies demonstrates your ability to offer impartial advice, further reinforcing your position as an industry expert and enhancing your credibility within your online community.

Blogging can help you stand out from the crowd. Retailers who blog, share content and engage with industry communities are far more memorable. A great piece of content can even attract external attention. Getting good press from local or national media or from high profile bloggers can be invaluable, helping to increase your reach both on and offline.

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