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Why Every Retail Business Should Be Blogging

Retail is fast moving and it can be hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. When you are busy blogging can feel like just one more thing that you should be doing but what are the benefits? Is blogging really worth the time and effort? The simple answer is Yes! For any retailer, blogging should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy.

Blogs are great for SEO

One of the advantages of blogging is that it can help with SEO for your website. Blogging regularly not only helps to keep your website content fresh, which appeals to your customers, but also lets search engines know that your website is active. A key part of SEO success is to ensure that you have quality internal and external links to your website. A good retail blog can be used as an opportunity to link to your product pages with examples which help you to create strong internal links. Sharing your blog on social media channels and encouraging others to also share it creates external links all of which will help with SEO. Blogging is also the perfect opportunity to use the keywords and key phrases that you know your customers are using. This means that you have more content that is searchable giving you more opportunities for your website to be found. Add a relevant and enticing homepage and your customers should stay around to read more blogs or to view your products.

Connect With Your Customers

Retail is much more disconnected than it used to be. In the world of e-commerce, a customer doesn’t need to make contact with a retailer other than visiting their website and clicking a few buttons. To some degree, the process has become contactless but that doesn’t mean that you have to be remote from your customers. Blogging allows you to still connect with your customers. You can tell them your story, show your brand personality and, perhaps most importantly in a competitive retail market, it gives you an opportunity to tell your audience why they should buy from you. Through blogging, it is still possible to build a relationship with your customers, to show them that you understand who they are and what they like so that they keep coming back to you. A great example of this is Rokit London. Rokit is a vintage store who blog regularly not just about their products but also about classic fashion, films, music, and events.


It Adds Credibility

Successful blogs don’t just connect you with your customers but also add to your credibility as the “go-to” expert shop or website. Showcase your expertise in your particular field by sharing knowledgeable and informative blogs, not just about the products that you sell but about trends, fashions, new ideas and about the wider interests of your clients. Always make sure that your blogs are regular and up to date and your audience will see that you are active. The Fabletics blog is a good example of how you can position yourself as an expert. Fabletics recognize that their customers are interested in fitness, nutrition, well-being, healthy eating and looking good while they do it. The blog is a combination of different topics that position them not just as a premier retailer of fitness clothing and active wear but also as experts in the fitness and well-being industry.

Get Yourself Noticed

Blogging can really help you get noticed. Whether you are a big or small retailer, blogging can make you stand out from the competition. Would a customer want to buy from a retailer that they have only seen once or would they prefer to buy from a retailer who blogs and shares their content and other information on an updated website and across social media? Either as a reminder to your existing customers or as an enticement to new customers, blogging will make you more memorable. Blogging can also get you noticed by local and national press so can help increase your reach offline as well as online.

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